It Must Be The Full Moon
A Novel by Gary Canup
First Three Chapters
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Copyright 2017 by Gary Canup
Legend tells us that a full moon has a way of luring out of the cracks all of society's crazies; and if so, then our traveling couple seems to have a luckless knack for encountering them all.

Some of the people they meet, both at home and on the road, are just your ordinary run-of-the-mill oddballs or sad unfortunates; but others, especially those of the religious persuasion, are outright lunatics completely divorced from reality and reason. The first-person narrator and his fiancee Vera, both staunch rationalists, happen upon evangelists, faith healers, adulterers, naive good Samaritans, nudists, swingers, robbers, highway snipers, serial killers, and militant smokers; they spend the night in a haunted bed-and-breakfast, tangle with a biker gang, suffer an automotive breakdown in a pitiless desert, get busted in an adult theater, witness a horrific plane crash, finally ending up in a family reunion full of kooks and eccentrics, to name but a few of their unusual adventures.

Their story is told in a series of interrelated episodes, by turns humorous, poignant, and macabre, that provide satirical peeks beneath the crazy quilt of human experience that we all share. After a while the loonies seem so abundant and so much the norm that our rational couple begin to wonder if maybe THEY aren't the freaks. Ultimately they are faced with the question, "To conform or not to conform?" for if conformity means being "normal" like the lunatics, then isn't nonconformity the sign of a sane and sensible mind?

Brimming with irreverent humor, quirky characters, and often poignant absurdity, IT MUST BE THE FULL MOON makes the statement, "If there is a God, then surely he is up there mooning us."