It Must Be The Full Moon
A Novel by Gary Canup
First Three Chapters
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Copyright 2017 by Gary Canup
          Vera and I had been dating for nearly a year when she finally decided it was time that I met her family. She had come to this decision with great reluctance, for her family, she warned, was rather odd.
          First we visited her older sister who, aside from a pair of enormous breasts, seemed quite normal to me. Her sister was a married woman with two children, a boy of six and a newborn girl. Vera and I sat on the sofa in her sister's tastefully decorated living room, while her sister, Barb, sat in the love-seat opposite. Her impressive bosom strained against the fabric of her overly snug white blouse. Each time she turned in conversation from me to Vera, I could not help but sneak a peek at her magnificent endowment -- very discreetly, I thought, but I believe she caught me staring more than once yet did not seem to mind, as I was quite certain that she was used to such attentions from men.
          However, it was her husband, who was presently at work but would be home shortly, that soon became the topic of conversation.
          "He loves to parade around the house in the nude," Barb informed us. "As soon as he gets home from work, off come the clothes. He reads the paper in the nude, eats at the dinner table in the nude, watches TV in the nude. He never pulls a shade. As you can see, we have a fairly large picture window here, and the moment he gets home from work I have to close the drapes. I remind him that not everyone is as open as he is and that one of our neighbors might complain or even call the police."
          I nodded sympathetically but was thinking what a shame it was that she did not share her husband's passion for nudity, I would have killed for a look inside that blouse.
The Future Sister-in-Law