It Must Be The Full Moon
A Novel by Gary Canup
First Three Chapters
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Copyright 2017 by Gary Canup
"IT MUST BE THE FULL MOON is one of those rare books that captivates the reader from beginning to end. Each episode wove its own individual spell and I couldn't wait to read on to the next one. Compelling stuff!"
-- Stephanie Sims
"Some of these episodes are hilarious. Some are moving. Others are gruesome or macabre. Still others make you think with their excursions into the realms of irony and satire. But all are interesting in their own right. Highly recommended reading."
-- Robert W.
"Although IT MUST BE THE FULL MOON is not a love story per se, this is the facet of the novel that appealed to me the most. It does not present a conventional couple in a conventional relationship, but by the time you finish reading the final scene on the beach at sunset, and then the epilogue, you know that you have just read a story about two people profoundly in love."
-- Connie Baker
"Irreverent, iconoclastic, even snarky. It takes organized religion down several well-deserved pegs. It pokes fun at the foolishness of the faithful and punctures the pretensions of the pious. Exactly my kind of novel!"
-- T. Monroe
"As a Christian I can't say that I cared much for a lot of the religious satire, but even I have to admit that the shots taken at phony faith healers, hypocritical clergymen, and avaricious TV evangelists are right on target."
-- Anonymous 
"By turns funny and touching, bizarre and mundane (but mostly the former), many of these sixty-three interconnected episodes (plus an epilogue), terse and tightly written, nonetheless have been drawn from real-life incidents, others flowering completely from the author's imagination, but all providing glimpses into the lives and relationship of the two main characters, a first-person narrator who is never named, and his fiancee, the aptly named Vera (which means truth). Thus we get to know these characters in bits and pieces, exactly as we get to know people in real life, piecemeal, as they weave in and out of the fabric of our existence."
-- Gregory Meyers
"The book was fine. It was much better than most of the crap on TV."
-- J.L.T.
"I rank this book among the most enjoyable I have ever read. The episodes linger in the memory and return to haunt you at unexpected moments. How about a sequel, Mr. Canup? Or maybe even a series?"
-- Samuel Henderson